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What we do

We assist at-risk, targeted Afghans to evacuate and resettle.  We take a tailored approach to each person or family to ensure they are able to make the most of the opportunities that are potentially available to them.  

We partner with carefully selected charities, NGOs and organisations who support our families as they rebuild their lives in new environments.

We are now registered as a UK charity with the Charity Commission, under number 1199297. 

Our directors are four lawyers who don’t receive salaries; they run the charity pro bono, to maximise the impact of your donations.


We identified individuals who met the requisite criteria of evacuation agencies and successfully assisted many families leave on evacuation flights in the first few weeks of the crisis.  When reception arrangements fell through in second countries, we fed and supported families by linking them with refugee response organisations on the ground in their reception countries.  We are delighted to report that many of those families are now at their final destinations, benefitting from humanitarian visas.


As part of our tailored approach to our high-risk cases, we are able to recognise the potential for immigration applications such as family reunification.  We provide practical advice to families, including informing them when they need to obtain specialist legal advice and we have provided accommodation in a second country so that families have embassy access where they are safe from the Taliban regime.


Our specialist team identify potential eligibility for existing schemes and assist individuals in targeting their approaches for their best chance of success by a process of practical support and where necessary, agency referral.


We have assisted families making ARAP applications and then following their confirmation, we have assisted them to leave Afghanistan and arrive into the care of the British government.  We have enjoyed warmly welcoming many families to the UK.

Our specialist was particularly active in helping the families who were left behind by Operation Pitting and assisted many of them in escaping from Afghanistan.

When applications have not been answered, we have lobbied the government and assisted our families obtaining legal representation.  We have recently enjoyed seeing more of our cases achieve success.

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